House Blend Olive Oil

0.47 lb
$ 10.50

Experience the culinary magic of our House Blend Olive Oil, meticulously crafted by combining three exceptional extra virgin olive oils: Coratina, Picual, and Spanish Castile. This harmonious blend embodies the epitome of flavor, promising a culinary experience like no other.

Indulge in the sheer pleasure of dipping bread into this extraordinary oil, as its robust flavor profile enhances every bite. Elevate your bread-dipping adventure by combining it with our Parmesan Pepper Pesto Dipping Blend, transforming simple garlic bread into a flavor-packed delight.

Expand your culinary horizons by using our House Blend Olive Oil for stir-frying meat or chicken, infusing your dishes with depth and character. Roast vegetables to perfection, as this oil adds a delightful touch that brings out their natural flavors.

For an exquisite salad dressing, look no further than our House Blend Olive Oil. Its bold flavor serves as a wonderful base, creating a dressing that will elevate your greens to new heights.

Embrace the perfect pairing by combining our House Blend Olive Oil with our Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar. These two exceptional flavors complement each other, enhancing the taste of your dishes with a harmonious balance.

Available in a convenient 375 ml or 100 ml bottle, our House Blend Olive Oil ensures you have the perfect size to suit your culinary needs. Discover the immense flavor potential this blend offers and let your taste buds revel in the splendor of Durango Olive Oil Company's House Blend.

Unlock a world of flavor possibilities. Order your bottle today and let the culinary adventures begin.