About Our Team

Meet Michiko Burns! One of the owners of Durango Olive Oil Company. Michiko loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen and previous to owning Durango Olive Oil she started her own tea and spice blending company which we sell in the store today! One of her favorite oils to cook with is Blood Orange! She has lived in Durango for 30 years but Hawaii is her second home. She has brought some Hawiian flare to the store with some fun and tropical products from her island roots. Her other passion is taking walks and hikes with her dogs! She has so much passion and is excited for all the things to come at the store! 

Meet Stephen Burns! He is one of the owners of Durango Olive Oil Company. Steve is originally from Chicago but moved to Durango years ago. He has spent most of his life in a career as a flight for life paramedic, firefighter, and ski patrol supervisor. Now he helps you find the perfect olive oil and balsamic pairing! His passion for eating really helps him get excited about all of our products! His constant enthusiasm brings fun and exciting energy to the store on a daily basis.

Meet Jacob Richmond. He is our General Manager. Jacob is from Illinois and has lived in Durango for 4 years. He has been a part of our team since June 2018 and is helping us thrive online and in the store. Come in and meet Jake and he will help you find your favorite olive oil & balsamic pairing. His Favorite oil is Italian Herb!