About Lelani's

Three generations!

Aromas and flavors are part of what brings joy to life.  

At Lelani's, our mission is to bring only the freshest handpicked teas and spices that can help you relax and unwind or make everyday meals more adventurous and exciting.

Hawaii!  In most cases, this brings paradise to everyone's mind.  But what makes paradise?  Is it the scents? The colors? Or is it the freshest tropical flavors available?  These are only a portion of the magic and allure of paradise that Hawaii offers.  At Lelani's, we help to create the sense of paradise through exploration of flavors and aromas.  By working with Hawaiian and Western Pacific organic producers, Lelani's can bring that sense of paradise by obtaining the freshest fair-trade, loose leaf teas and spices to your table.

Have you ever thought to use lavender as an herb to use with chicken or fish?  Here at Lelani's that is what we do.  By obtaining and using only the freshest and readily available teas and spices from Hawaii and the Western Pacific, Lelani's is able to create new flavors for teas and spice blends that can enhance the moment or the meal.  Or call us and we can create a new flavor blend just for you.