Tips from Lelani’s Kitchen

From time to time I will post interesting tidbits of information to help with tea brewing to help the aspiring chef in the kitchen.

To brew the perfect cup of tea, you must consider the type of tea that is selected. For green or white teas are made up of delicate young leaves and require a water temperature of about 170° - 180° that won’t burn or scorch the leaves. Burning or scorching the leaves will ruin the flavor by imparting more tannins that will cause bitterness in flavor.

An easy way to tell the temperature of the water is to listen to the sound of the kettle. As water begins to boil, the sound of the kettle will begin to “hum”. That is the sound of the kettle just below full boil. When the kettle “sings” that indicates boiling and something to avoid with green and white teas.

Oolong teas on the other hand are considered a medium boil tea that should be brewed at 180° - 190° degrees. What this means is bring the water to a full boil and then immediately remove heat.

For black and herbal teas water is brought to a roiling boil or just let the kettle sing for a few minutes at most. By bringing the water to a roiling boil, this allows for the leaves to release their robust flavors.

When it comes to steep or brew times, this is a personal preference.  Use 1-2 teaspoons of tea per cup and experiment with brew time to determine your preference.  The longer the brew time the deeper the flavors and with shorter brew times you can re-brew the tea a second time.

Check our blogs often to learn more about teas, spices and herbs and let us know your thoughts or hints!