Olivella Conditioner

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A light all over conditioner that is good for all hair types. It may be rinsed or left on depending on the condition of the hair. We recommend that is the hair is dry or curly that you do not rinse off to fully benefit this product. Also detangles fine and thin hair. Key Ingredients:

Olive Oil- will lightly moisturize the hair and scalp to maintain balance and a healthy environment.

Wheat Protein- a protein to gentle condition the hair without leaving a film, as it is absorbed by the hair, as opposed to balsams etc that will coat. Silk protein- a highly refined protein to condition the hair and at shine.

Panthenol- a Pro Vitamin B5 that has been clinically proven to swell the hair shaft by up to 20% to volumize and condition. Lecithin- soy protein that will condition the hair without leaving a filmVitamin A and Vitamin C- anti-oxidants to protect and condition the hair.

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