The art of tea and culinary magic in the kitchen.

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This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be patient.  I’m a newbie and since this is my very first, I considered what I could share with everyone that pertains to the site and focuses on the art of tea and culinary magic in the kitchen.  

During my pondering, I was listening to Lynn Rosetto Kasper of NPR’s “Splendid Table”.  Lynn delved into the topic of salt.  Cooking is a passion and I have noticed a variety of salts that caused me to explore how they enhanced everyday meals.  

As Lynn had stated, these salts tend to be more expensive than regular iodized salt, but these salts are considered “finishing” salts, you use less salt and get more zest in food.  She was right!  I still use very little of the regular salt during preparation and cooking, usually ¼ amount and finish off with the pricey salts. 

So when looking for these types of salt, consider your meal.  For example, fish is enhanced a citrus flavor.  Adding Himalayan Pink or Grey Salt will do just that!  Here is a listing of the types of salts available and the flavors that you can obtain by finishing off cooking with them.

Hawaiian Alaea Salt – deep red in color is derived from volcanic clay.  This salt imparts a mellow earthy flavor to meals.  Traditionally used for Kulua pig, poke and other roasted meats. 

Himalayan Pink – One of the purest forms of salt that was originally harvested in the Himalayas but now comes from the mountainous regions of Pakistan.  This is a delicate flavors salt and has citrus undertones that work beautifully with fish and chicken, but can be used in baking.  Pink salt contains over 84 needed minerals and trace elements such as; calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  

Smoked Sea Salt – Is naturally dark in color and adds a smokehouse flavor to a variety of meals such as roasts, fish, salads sandwiches, etc.  One thing to consider when purchasing smoked salts is to make sure that it is naturally smoked and not just enhanced with a liquid smoke flavor.  Liquid smoke flavoring will impart bitter undertones to the food. 

Black Lava – Is a Mediterranean sea salt that is combined with activated charcoal that is of a delicate nature.  This salt enhances the flavor of your favorite meals as it is mild enough for baking. 

All of our spice blends include these gourmet salts to take your meals to the next level of flavor experience.  I hope this information will help in understanding the difference between regular Morton Salt and the expensive varieties.  In future blogs I will share information about the health benefits of the herbs and spices that are included in our tea and spice blends that we create.  

Until then Aloha and Mahalo!


Michiko Burns

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