Nutrition: Swimming through misinformation in the age of research.

Nutrition: Swimming through misinformation in the age of research.



It is now 2019. We are living in the age of accessibility to so many resources, yet we are still getting mixed messages about what we should eat. Every day there are new articles about what is healthy and what is not. One day we are told to stay away from saturated fats and the next week we are told that we should be adding more to our diet. Then to add to it all we are bombarded with ads, false articles, and quick fix remedies to try to confuse you even more.

Then the big one, lobbyists. Big agriculture, the meat industry, dairy industry, sugar industry, etc are paying big bucks to make sure that we are getting constant ads, and cheap prices on poorly grown & raised foods. But the good news is that eating well isn't hard. It may take some time and cooking lessons but will benefit you farther than some lean shake, proprietary blend cocktail. 

So here we go! The secret to eating healthy is to With the emphasis on QUALITY!

Real food usually isn't in a box, and does not contain "enriched ingredients". It is normally perishable with a few exceptions. It does not contain corn syrup, artificial sweaters, nitrates, msg, and sodium benzoate. There are many more ingredients in fake food but I do not have the time nor do you to go through every single one. 

So this leaves us with fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, some grains, and some canned goods.

One way to shop is to only stay on the parameter of the store. These sections usually are produce, meat, dairy & grains. You still need to beware of the ingredients and check all your labels until you fully understand which brands to stay away from. But most whole foods do not even have labels. Also a good rule of thumb is to buy as local as you can.

When buying meats look for grass fed, hormone free and organic. 

Be wary of the bakery section as most of those breads are a combination of bad ingredients. If you still want to eat bread it shouldn't have more than 3 ingredients in it. Those are unbleached flour of some sort, salt, and water. Try to find a local bakery that makes bread the old fashioned way or if you can make it yourself. If you look at the label of commercially made bread there are up to 30 ingredients. No wonder we are all of a sudden having problems with gluten... this isn't the same bread that we started eating hundreds of years ago. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Coconut Oil are some great healthy fats to use when cooking.

When using Extra Virgin Olive Oil make sure you are using it at low heat (no more than 325 degrees) This is EVOO's smoking point. The oil can break down and actually become carcinogenic if used at high heat. EVOOS are great used raw on veggies or salads, in slow cooking, or as a finishing oil. EVOO's are high in polyphenols and are amazing for your long as its the real stuff. That being said 80-85% of the olive oil you buy at the sore is cut, rancid, or fake. Its hard to know what brands are legit but we will help with that too (stay tuned for another blog about olive oil quality). Here at the Durango Olive Oil Company we have 100%, triple tested, third party tested, EVOO. We have flavors you couldn't even image of, and can transform a bland dish to a healthy meal bursting with flavor.

We also carry coconut oil & avocado oils (both of which are for high heat cooking). 

Now remember if you have food sensitivities please keep those out of your diet at all costs. We will also be posting healthy and easy meal ideas and recipes so stay tuned for more. Heres to a healthy 2019! 



There are some great literature and docu-series that can help you learn more about eating healthy, cooking tips, and how to get back to basics when shopping for real food. 

What the Heck Should I eat - Mark Hyman

Cooked - Michael Pollen- Netflix

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - Netflix (if your new to cooking check this out)

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