Our Infusion & Flavoring Process

Our Infusion & Flavoring Process


This is a question we get asked on the daily. How do you flavor your olive oils? Most people think we let the herbs soak in and then drain them out. However that is not how it works. If we soaked lets say rosemary in the olive oil it would take a lot of rosemary to give it the strength of flavor you taste in our oil. 

So how do we do it?

The flavorings are extracts and essential oils made from plant based products. Therefore they are natural flavors and are added to the oils and stirred in. Our chili olive oils are actually soaked in the oil for about 3-8 weeks. 

All of our flavorings are all natural, vegan, and allergen free! How exciting is that? So if you are allergic to oregano you can still have our oregano olive oil. There is a huge upswing in people who cannot eat garlic due to stomach pains. This is difficult because come on..garlic is so good and is a staple in most recopies. Good news you can use our garlic oil still without the stomach pain.

The next question we get a lot is well is there dairy in the butter olive oil? 

Nope. This one is a little more scientific. Scientists have figured out that a molecule called Diacetyl is what gives butter its butter flavor. This can be obtained artificially and naturally. One natural source of this molecule is the sweet potato which is what we use. So therefore all of our parmesan oils are dairy free as well. 

Our balsamic vinegars are flavored similarly. The only difference is we use an alcohol base like vanilla extract for example. However our Chili & Spicy Mango do have chili powder in it. 

I hope this brings come clarity and helps answer some questions about our flavoring process. 


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