Elderberry Whipped Honey

0.17 lb
$ 11.50

NEW: Cloister Honey!  You asked we found. Elderberry Whipped Honey. This Elderberry Whipped Honey combines bursts of tart berries with the floral aromas and smooth texture of our classic Wildflower Whipped Honey. Immerse yourself in the velvety richness of pure honey, expertly whipped with the antioxidant-packed goodness of elderberries. This flavor is essential for anyone who enjoys berry-forward flavor combinations.   

  • Spread on toast with butter
  • Add as a sweet, flavorful, and aromatic addition to tea
  • Swirl into yogurt with granola or over hearty oatmeal
  • Incorporate into homemade vinaigrette or salad dressings

9oz net weight