French Grey Sea Salt

0.25 lb
$ 12.00

French grey sea salt is an attractive and delicate salt solar evaporated from the Guérande Marshes of Western France. Also known as Sel Gris, the gentle grey coloring is a result of the salt crystals coming into contact with clay and minerals in the salt beds. Using traditional harvesting techniques, the salt grains are collected with special wooden rakes before they are stone ground.

These slightly coarse grains are perfect for finishing both sweet and savory dishes or provide easy grinding into a finer powder. Add an attractive finishing sprinkle on crackers, baked goods, and chocolate or use in place of any salt for cooking and grilling. This salt has a slightly higher moisture content than most salts and adds new dimensions of gourmet cooking to your pantry.

In addition to being an excellent culinary salt, French grey sea salt is a fantastic cosmetic salt for bathing or exfoliation. It may be used as a single bath salt or combined with other salts such as Epsom, sea salts, or Himalayan salt to create a personalized blend. Salt baths are recommended to help ease skin irritations, stimulate circulation, and provide comfort to occasional sore or stiff muscles.