Jalapeno & Lime Stuffed Olives

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Garlic Stuffed Olives

10 oz Jar

Garlic Stuffed Olives are a juicy and meaty classic Sicilian treat. Large green Sevillano Olives, which are known as the ‘Queen Olive.’ Hand-stuffed with crispy, marinated California whole garlic cloves. The slightly tangy flavor of the olive combined with the zing of garlic creates a burst of flavor in each bite. Simply addictive to any garlic lover, one is never enough.

Serving Suggestions:

Use to add color and flavor to chicken dishes, pasta, pizza and salads. Perfect served as an appetizer with a cheese and bread tray or a delicious snack to eat right out the jar. Use with all your favorite cocktails that require olives, and to add to a dirty martini.