White Truffle Salt

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The illustrious Italian white Alba truffle and a fine, hand-harvested sea salt are combined for a unique finishing salt!. A rare & exceptional delicacy, known for having a more delicate flavor than its hearty black truffle cousin, White Truffle Sea Salt has more distinct garlic or onion notes, while the black truffle sea salt does not, as well as a gentler, musky aroma. The alluring & primitive flavors of white truffles are intensified by the pure sea salt, and make this artisanal luxury an accessible way to bring the elegant truffle to your restaurant table or brand. Bulk White Truffle Sea Salt provides food manufacturers and restaurateurs an opportunity to achieve the celebrated impact of truffle with just a sprinkle. Wholesale White Truffle Sea Salt’s elegant flavor and fine grain texture make it an ideal choice for finishing dishes or inclusion in seasoning blends and snack mixes, especially those with popcorn or nuts.